Here are Amazon Building Solutions we specialise in the construction of all types of reinforced concrete structures by the use of Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF.)

Formwork is the structure, which is usually temporary, used to contain poured concrete and to mould it to the required dimensions and support until it is able to support itself. It consists primarily of the face contact material and the bearers that directly support the face contact material.

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Insulated Concrete Formwork is fast to build

Insulated Concrete Formwork  is fast to build and requires less in the way of traditional building skills. With skilled workmen, like out staff at Amazon Building Solutions, the formwork can go up with incredible speed! Plus with Insulated Concrete Formwork there are far fewer elements to deal with than what you get with cavity wall work.  For example: no lintels; few, if any, wall ties or cavity trays plus you also get excellent insulation levels built in.

We can do and build anything with our Insulated Concrete Formwork services, from building foundations, complete builds, car parks and so much more.

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